Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11

It's probably better to post a flag or a memorial photo, but this one spoke to me the loudest. It's a double rainbow I saw from the base a few weeks ago, and it was gorgeous. This photo, as impressive as it is, still doesn't do it justice by half.

The rainbow has been a symbol of God's promise ever since Genesis and the days Noah floated around with his family and hundreds, if not thousands, of his favorite pets in an ark.

God promised not to destroy the earth.

I wonder sometimes if we humans will do the job instead.

9/11 was a difficult, sad day. For me, it hit especially hard because it followed after the betrayal of women I thought were my friends, and the death of my beloved dog. These events made things difficult enough at work and at church, and to have a national tragedy on top of everything just made my sorrows seem very small in light of the greater national tragedy.

Praise God we eventually moved on, learned to forgive, grieved the loss of our family pet, and my husband joined the reserves. We became a military family more quickly than we'd intended, even though 9/11 slowed down the initial process. Thirteen years later, we are in Alaska, serving our God and our country as best we can.

So, the double rainbow: God's promise that He keeps His promises, He will never leave me, He is always there, and He not only brought me through the events of 2001, He brought us through the tragedy of my broken family of origin in 2002-03. He has been with us every step.

Thank you, Lord.

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