Thursday, October 09, 2014

October 9th: GOD Strong

God Strong is the best book out there for military wives. 

This book is a great study and encouragement to those of us whose husbands serve the United States military.

I first became acquainted with Sara Horn in 2007 during my husband's deployment. I had been searching for some kind of support, as I was a new active duty wife after my husband transitioned from reserves to active duty. I don't exactly remember how I found her, but I began reading her blog and learned that her husband, a Navy reservist, was deployed to the same remote country as mine was.
She put out a request for devotionals by service members for a project at Lifeway, and I was able to submit some pieces my husband had written from his canvas-walled office in the sandbox. This led to my husband's first publication credit in the KJV Military Bible published by Broadman and Holman in 2008 as well as series of devotionals in Open Windows.

We began emailing each other, striking up an internet friendship, Then, Sara invited me to join her in her ministry Wives of Faith which she founded as a support resource for Christian military wives: first in writing for the blog, then in moderating the message board we had for a while, and finally as the blog editor, a position I have filled for nearly five years. She also invited me to submit a piece for inclusion in God Strong, which I did. (If you open this book you'll see "Dead Birds and Grace Too" at the end of the Grace chapter.)

Over the years, I've been happy to partner with Sara in ministry, not only to military wives, but also to women who seek to follow God in their marriages and families through promoting her other books. (You can visit her website to learn more.)

God Strong remains a wonderful reference for how God can use anyone--military spouse or not--for His glory and His ministry here on earth. We can grow in our faith by leaning on the Lord and relying on His strength, not our own. I have read this book through several times, and I have been blessed to teach through it a couple of times as well.

PS: This is only one of two specific books on my list that are geared toward, or focused on, military spouses. 
To read more of this #31DaysofBooks series, visit the introduction post.

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