Friday, May 08, 2015

MORE by Tammie Head

"Messy. We're all feeling it." Thus opens Tammie Head's debut book More: From Messes to Miracles.

"I wish my story were prettier."

Don't we all.

Tammie's story is certainly messy, with plenty of situations one doesn't often find in a Christian book.

"God, You know stories like mine aren't so acceptable in church."

Praise God that He provided Tammie the opportunity to tell her messy beautiful story. Because it is messy. And it is so, so beautiful.

Tammie Head's story is a remarkable one, mostly because of her willingness to share it. It's real and not pretty and if I'm honest, sometimes difficult for this mom of two teenage girls to read.

But there is hope found within this book's pages. Tammie advocates a real faith that begins in the pages of the Bible and meets people where they are: in the back room of a strip club; in a sandwich shop; in the backyard chain-smoking cigarettes; even in the pews of church.

I recommend this book for women who think their story is too messy for church people. Too messy for good Christians. Too messy for God. Because the fact is, God is still in the miracle business, and nothing is impossible with Him. No life is too messy for Jesus to work with.

This book would be good for a book club or for friends to read together. I wouldn't say it's a Bible study, per se, although Scripture permeates each page and most of the chapters conclude with good questions to discuss. But for a group looking to discuss the messy that leads to the miracle, this book would be wonderful for you.

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