Friday, July 31, 2015

What I Learned in July...

Emily Freeman started it.

No, really, she did. And then my friend Teri Lynne continued it. So now for the first time I'm joining in.

1. Georgia is hot. 

2. After four years living in Alaska, I didn't think I'd miss it this much. But I do. I miss my friends, the familiarity, the mountain views, and of course the moose.

3. I stressed about and struggled with our choice of internet service provider when we realized (after we purchased the house and moved all the way in) that we are in a rural area and only had one choice: satellite (well, either that or pay just as much for a hotspot in the house with less data, that might not be reliable in service based on my cell phone coverage in the house). Imagine my relief when I saw a photo on The Nester's blog of her satellite dishes. JUST LIKE MINE except she has a cute flower bed. I felt better. She's a pro and she has the same internet as I do. I felt much better (and now that we've used up our "high speed' we're on regular speed, and may I just say it's just fine for just using the internet? I did cancel Netflix, though).

4. Apparently a supportive wife sitting in the front seat of the car while her husband drives most of the 6000+ miles across North America, holding her Kindle, can injure her shoulder enough to require a trip to the doctor for prescription-strength naproxen and a packet of physical therapy exercises to do for the next two weeks. Who knew reading was so hazardous?

5. I am blessed indeed as a book reviewer. I have been getting advance copies of books I have longed to read ever since I first heard of their existence, and they're blessing my socks off! Stay tuned to my newly-active blog for more book reviews over the next six weeks or so.

6. I read 20 books this month alone. I still have 16 boxes of books and teaching materials to sort through that are sitting in our very hot garage. With all the lizards who are hiding behind them. 

What have you learned this month?

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