Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 17: If a tree falls when you're not home . . . {31 Days of Friendship}

Today is Saturday, and to be honest I procrastinated writing this morning in order to spend time with my family--and then it slipped my mind completely. Then we had a chapel event. When we got home after being gone only two hours on one of the most beautiful days we've had since moving south, we discovered that the dead pine tree in our front yard had fallen. Thankfully, it fell away from the driveway (where my car was parked), away from the house (where if it had fallen, it would have ruined one of the two new windows we just had installed this week), and away from the street (where surely it would have made our neighbors hate us or worse, injured a passing car). 

We joked later, "So, if a tree falls in the yard and you don't hear it, did it really fall?" Just being silly, you know, because if it had fallen any other direction, it may have been devastating. It's just a minor inconvenience right now, so we can joke about it.

I suppose in all of this I could make some sort of intellectual metaphor about the tree and friendship, but really, I'll just leave that to you, gentle reader, to figure out. Or not.

Because if a tree falls when you're not home, you are grateful for all your friends who express concern for your well-being and who are happy with you and rejoice with you that you aren't facing the devastation any number of degrees' difference in trajectory may have wrought.

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