Thursday, June 16, 2016


SUMMER. For teachers (and substitute teachers), summer is always highly anticipated. However, I have not even accomplished half of what I've set out to do, and summer's nearly half over.

My tendency is to beat myself up over this. Why do I insist on doing that? Every time. Every day. 

So, today I'll write a list of things I have accomplished, and one in progress, just to see where I am at the moment.
  • I've sorted through some books and gotten rid of several.
  • I arranged to have our house bug-sprayed.
  • I paid the bills.
  • I've reorganized some shelves.
  • I've sorted four bins of scrapbooking items. I'm still reorganizing the things I'm keeping, but I know I've thrown out a really large amount. Plus, I have one bin of get-rid-of that I'm hoping to sell online after we get home from vacation.
  • I've filed a LOT of paperwork and shredded the equivalent of a very full brown grocery sack of papers no longer needed.
  • I've read seven books so far.
In process:
  • Sending all the cards. I'm not sure why this summer is the summer for all the graduations and all the weddings, but it sure seems like it! Still waiting on a couple of presents to arrive before I mail them. I'm behind on this, but I have a plan to catch up.
  • I'm working on organizing the fourth bedroom--it became a catch-all, which would be fine except we're going to have a chaplain family staying with us for two we MUST have it ready by mid-July to be a guest room. I've still got some photos and memorabilia that I'm sorting, but I did pack up most of the paperwork that needed to be filed, and I've also emptied two dresser drawers for them to use if they need to. My husband cleared out most of the closet for them too, although at the moment I'm using it in my sorting process. I had four storage bins of scrapbooking materials and memorabilia that I'm trying to downsize into two. It's a process. I still have a couple of weeks to play with it, but I really wanted to get a lot done today.
Why am I so hard on myself? I always envision that my long empty summer days will be uber-productive. What I never take into account is that unexpected things like dental pain will slow me down. And laundry. And errands requiring my time and attention.

So, there you have it. An update on my life, for the very few people who still come by my blog. Thank you, by the way. I'm not a regular blogger anymore, now that Wives of Faith closed. I don't always feel as if I have anything to say.

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