Monday, June 19, 2006

Between, Georgia

Between, Georgia is more than just a summer read. It is an adventure into the lives of a Southern family. Two, actually. I don't know how Joshilyn Jackson does it, but she creates realistic, flawed, loveable, love-to-hate-able, fabulous dimensional characters. All with Southern quirks and foibles that, had I not lived in the South for a few years a while back, I would never believe. But I do.

I love character-driven stories, and I believe this is why I loved this book. I want to read it all over again!
My official review will be posted sometime in the next few days over at Then it will be posted "by Armchair Interviews" at (see link below), but I'll probably put my own two cents' worth in after it's posted.

Do yourself a favor and get this book. It will be officially released on July 3. While you're at it, pick up gods in Alabama in paperback. Better still, visit her website and order an autographed copy!

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