Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blogging for Books

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I feel like I'm between.

I'm between two states: Missouri and North Dakota.
I'm between two residences: the temporary living facility and the new house.
I'm between two friends who are adjusting to my move in different ways.
I'm between my two daughters as I try to help them get along during this time of transition.
I'm between two blogs: here and the one I've locked up at xanga.
I'm between two email addresses. I can't decide which one to use the most.
I'm between my old career as a teacher and a possible new one as a writer, but I haven't yet begun the latter, and the former is comfortable sort of like a pair of jeans that are slightly too tight.

I'm between my old life and my new one, and I can't decide whom to become.

While between probably isn't ideal, it's certainly interesting!

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Heather said...

That is a lot of betweens. I quit being between jeans today. I brokw down and bought 2 new pair, prompting me to rail against the people who size jeans. How can I be an 8 in Calvin Klien and an 11 in this other pair?? I am normally a 9/10. Why can't we size like men?