Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Newbery Award Books Reading Challenge

UPDATED: November 18, 2007: COMPLETED

June 2007: **I told Nattie in a text message last week while she was in the hospital, that getting cancer was no excuse not to read! I was totally teasing her, but her cancer is NOT going to stop me from participating in her challenge. So let's keep reading our Newbery books in her honor and make her proud for when she returns online. Oh, and when you see that Newbery name or seal on the book, think of Nattie and pray for her. Pray hard.**

July 2007: Of course, now we are completing the challenge in her memory. I think of her whenever I see that Newbery seal on these books.

Nattie, thou art nutso. But I can't resist. Besides, I have two little girls who need a read-aloud list for the summer, and how convenient that I own three of these six already!

1. The Tale of Despereaux - Kate Di Camillo (LOVED Winn-Dixie, so this one should be a good one too.)

2. Island of the Blue Dolphins - Scott O'Dell (I actually met Mr. O'Dell in 1983, and he autographed my book. It's upstairs. I read and reread this one.)

3. A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle (First read this in 5th grade, and lo and behold my oldest daughter is finishing 4th grade. I KNOW she'll love this one! It's upstairs too.)

4. Jacob Have I Loved - Katherine Paterson (I met Mrs. Paterson in 1984 and bought this book at the reading she gave; she autographed it in her neat, even handwriting. It, too, is upstairs. This book resonated with me as a teen. Not sure it's good for reading-aloud but I'll love a reread myself.)

5. The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin (I actually own this book but cannot find it, so I'll find another copy! LOVED IT. I still find myself remembering lines from it. "Object of the Game: Twin!" If you've read it, you'll remember that part. I think this will be an EXCELLENT read-aloud this summer.)

6. Sarah, Plain and Tall - Patricia MacLachlan (Never read it, never even got through the Glenn Close/Christopher Walken movie. I've always wanted to read it, however.)

I was really surprised as I looked through both the Newbery Award and Newbery Honor Book lists, how many I read as a child and young teen. I must've had great librarians at school and in the community!


Boltbabe said...

I don't knwo what it was about the story, but I really like Jacob Have I loved.

Jannie Ernst said...

Please sign me up to win a book - I would absolutely love to have "Gone with the Groom." By the way, I love your blog, and I'm putting it on my "daily reads" list.