Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Busy life

Hello to my few but faithful readers! This is a very busy week in our family, because M1, my 10 year old, has her dance recital this weekend. Today we have the dress rehearsal from you-know-where, complete with costume changes and pictures, from 3:45 - 8:45 pm. She's in 8 dances this year, which is a record! Ballet and Jazz with her 9-10 year old combo class; with the Apprentice Company (11-13 year old) she is in classical ballet, lyrical, jazz, tap, the finale which is lyrical I guess (sort of tribal, actually; it's a song from the Broadway "Lion King"); and she is also substituting a dancer who's out of town, in a competition number with the Apprentice Performance Troupe.

In addition to that, Chaplain Hubby is preparing to deploy to the World's Largest Beach soon. His tour is four months. Of course details must be kept under wraps for national security's sake. Prayers are much appreciated, though----thanks!

I should be back to more regular blogging next week or the week after...then we head into my sister-in-law's wedding over Memorial Day, VBS, summer performing arts camp, replacing windowpanes of glass, finding curtains and window shades (one for one kid, one for the other), traveling back home to MO to visit friends and family and go to my 20th High School Reunion (Go Patriots!), and staying just busy enough not to miss Chaplain Hubby too much, but not so busy I lose my mind! Delicate balance, that.

Reading update:
I have been reading as I have found time, but truly, this week it's been tough! I am overdue on several book reviews, but was released from a couple of deadlines (Armchair Interviews will now only post reviews that come through their site...they were having problems with publishers sending unsolicited books to reviewers. I am one of those reviewers, and I understand AI's situation; however, now I'm not able to help out this particular publisher except on my own). I haven't touched my 2007 TBR Challenge stack in a month. I haven't touched the Spring Reading Thing stack in two weeks. Nonfiction Five challenge? Nope, haven't started yet, but I can now that it's May. I can't start the Newbury Challenge till the 15th (but I have all but one book now thanks to Paperback Swap!). And thankfully the All About Me challenge doesn't start till August. I've gotten a couple of books from the list already, though.

When Chaplain Hubby is away, I'll have more time to read...this is because I have a very hard time going to sleep the first week he's gone, so I will probably stay up late reading. It'll be better than awful late-night television, anyway.

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