Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Book Challenge Catch-Up

Okay, so I have been reading now that Chaplain Hubby is on his merry way :) I am reading Petticoat Ranch for the Spring Reading Thing Challenge. It's okay so far. It's gotten rave reviews from other ACFW members, though, so I'm definitely finishing it before I pass judgment. After this, I have the three nonfiction books to finish by the end of June. Two of the three are in process. I'm just finding that this week I'm having trouble concentrating on heavier reading (real-life stress does that to me!).

Tonight I began my daughters' journey with me into the land of Madeleine L'Engle. For Nattie's Newbury Challenge, I started with chapter one of A Wrinkle in Time. GOSH, I had forgotten how much I loved that book in fifth grade! We had moved from Iowa to Missouri in the middle of that year, so Mrs. Shaiper had already read half the book aloud to the class. I had no idea what was going on, so when the town Bookmobile came I was able to check it out (it was checked out already in the school library). I think I finished it in two days. My first grader didn't want me to stop reading tonight, but it was past bedtime when I finished reading, scratchy-voiced.

I haven't touched the 2007 TBR Challenge list in a while. I got ahead in March and then got sidetracked with school, hubby's departure, and other challenges and reading for book reviews.

Two of my other challenges don't begin until August.

I'm about maxed out on challenges. Dana, how are you ever going to finish all yours???


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Anonymous said...

oh dear -- i see you got some spam. BIG FAT SPAM LOSER (not you--the stupid spammer)
This month I am actually doing quite well. I made a list plan at the end of April and I am tooling along in it quite nicely. I only deviated one book so far and it was EXCELLENT so I am very glad I did. I read the time trilogy to the girls this spring. AND I actually decided that all my newberry challenge books I am going to read a loud to them. Right now we are reading Anne of Green Gables, but by the end of the month I will be ready to start them. We will start with Tale of Despereaux which i LOVED! And now that I have blogged in your comments, let me finish by saying-- I AM PRAYING FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY! muah!

Military Mommy said...

Pattie - So glad he made it safely. I will be praying for your family.

Big hugs,

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