Thursday, July 31, 2008

August Crunchy Chicken Challenge

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2008

I hadn't heard of Crunchy Chicken's blog, but some gal-pals on WAH clued me in. She's got a challenge titled "Buy Nothing in August."

The idea on the blog is this: Don't buy stuff!

Here are the rules (plus a new one), in case you forgot 'em...
No new clothes
No new gadgets
No new furniture or housewares
No salon services (except haircuts)
No new makeup
No new tools
No whatever the hell else people buy
No eating out (yes, this one is new!)

So, my commitment is this: I will not purchase any new or used books during the month of August. I've done a book buying moratorium before, and it's tough--but doable.

Paperback Swap and Book Mooch books are exempt, as I will be using credits for them and not actually money.

The thing is, I have not purchased any brand-new books in a long time, but dang it if I haven't dropped fifty cents or a dollar here and there at the Friends of the Library book sale!

I'm not promising anything with the rest. I don't have plans for new clothes, furniture, housewares, salon services, makeup, tools, etc., but if we need something, well, I'll get it. I can be careful with my spending in any case, as Chaplain Hubby wants us to cut down right now . . . and my only plan for clothing is new shoes for the girls before school starts.

Eating out is out because we have a road trip next week to my in-laws' house (they always take us out for dinner at least once).

Well, we all know that Pattie has a tendency not to follow through, so hopefully I can keep this promise now that it's out there for all of you to see!!!!!

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