Monday, June 15, 2009

Never the Bride

Welcome to the Never the Bride blog tour, sponsored by Waterbrook Multnomah Press. This is a novel adaptation of Cheryl McKay's play of the same name.

Book Summary and Review:

Jessie Stone dreams of the perfect marriage proposal, the perfect wedding dress, and the perfect groom. Eleven bridesmaid dresses hang in her closet. Journals full of her hopes and dreams--lovingly recorded with her purple plumed pen--grace her bookshelf.

The only thing Jessie needs to make her dreams come true is, well, a groom.

Enter God.

In the flesh.

As God becomes more and more real to Jessie, He asks her to give her plans and dreams to Him. He asks her to give Him her precious purple pen.

Can she do it? More importantly, can she place her full trust in a God Who promises her the best love story, the Author of the greatest love story of all time?

This novel contains an amazing story. It's more than "just a Christian romance." It's a story of trust, of faith, and yes, of love--but not just the romantic love of Jessie's journal. I laughed out loud while reading this story, and at times I cried as well.

One of the truths in this delightful story is that God's timing is most certainly not our own, nor is it always the most convenient. another is that often our own hopes and desires get in the way of God's plans for us. How frustrating that must be for Him. And yet, He loves us. Me. You. The world.

I wondered as I read this novel, could I relinquish my own beloved blue gel pen to my Saviour, my Friend, my God? I hope and pray that if He asks it of me, I'll willingly comply.

I highly recommend this novel. What a great summer read!

You can purchase the book here.

Author info:

Cheryl McKay is the co-author (with Frank Peretti) of the Wild and Wacky, Totally True Bible Stories series, which has sold nearly 200,000 copies, and the screenwriter of the award-winning film The Ultimate Gift. Rene Gutteridge has published thirteen novels including Ghost Writer, My Life as a Doormat, the Boo Series, the Occupational Hazards Series, and the Storm Series. Together, McKay and Gutteridge are the authors of The Ultimate Gift, a novelization based on the feature film and popular book by the same title.

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