Monday, July 27, 2009

Tour de Force day 1

I'm participating in a blog tour of Elizabeth White's newest novel Tour de Force.

Just a few weeks ago, my daughter (pictured above, age 12) and I were scouting out summer dance programs for next summer. This summer we are staying local, where she is taking apprentice ballet and pointe, senior ballet, apprentice jazz, and beginning choreography, in addition to our local Summer Perfoming Arts program. There's also a week-long summer intensive in August she's going to attend. However, next summer she'll be 13 and with another year of intense ballet and pointe on her quickly-growing resume, she'd like to try a more intense summer program. One such program is in Kansas City, and we're leaning toward that one because we have family we can live with while she attends classes. She would have to audition, and thankfully they audition both in Minneapolis AND by video, so if the January weather is uncooperative, she'd still have a chance to audition.

With the dance world becoming part of ours more and more, I'm thrilled about Elizabeth White's story about a Christian ballerina!

UPDATE:: This post is updated. I will post my review this week. Thanks to Elizabeth White and Coffee Cup Communications for the book!


Beth White said...

Do you know about Ballet Magnificat! in Jackson, MS? It's a Christian dance program run by Kathy Thibodeaux--they travel worldwide and train award-winning dancers. Check out Thanks for participating in my blog tour. Hope your copy of TDF comes soon!
Warm regards,
Beth White

Pattie said...

I'd never heard of them! So glad to bookmark them for the future, since we never know where God and the USAF will send us next :)