Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Made You a Princess Review

Shelley Adina has written a young adult series about five good friends at the fictional Spencer Academy, an exclusive private boarding school. The official website describes the girls this way:

Lissa, Mac, Carly, Gillian and Shani—five fabulous girls from Spencer Academy, who spend their time traversing the rocky terrain of high school social climbing while staying true to their faith, and remaining besties to the end.

Who Made You a Princess is book four in the series, and this is Shani's story. Shani is not really homesick at Spencer; her parents are usually off somewhere else, so she's learned to fend for herself. She's strong, self-confident, and crushing on Lissa's friend Danyel after spending part of her summer in Santa Barbara with Lissa.

When the girls get back to Spencer, a new exchange student, Prince Rashid al Amir, has thrown the school--and Shani's life--into turmoil. Turns out Shani's family and the Prince's go back for generations. Will the plans their parents made when they were babies come to fruition?

Shani has some decisions to make: Danyel or Rashid, Jesus or no faith, and of course which college to go to--because it's senior year.

I really like this series of books. They're fun and trendy without being too wordly. Adina is also not afraid to touch on the issues facing teens today (which is why my 12 year old is not going to read these quite yet!). I'd have LOVED these books when I was a teen. Who am I kidding...I'm 30-mumblemumble and I enjoyed them!

I think these books would be a great Christian alternative to the Clique, the Gossip Girls or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. The characters face probably many of the same issues, but they make different choices.

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