Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What should I wear???

I'm sure I'm not the only person who wonders, "What should I wear," but in this case, I had to begin to ask some questions of some friends.

You see, I only have three fancy dresses. Three. One of those is long enough to be formal, one is short, and one is tea-length. The latter two are velvet. I also have a couple of not-so-fancy, nicer-than-church-but-too-short-for-formal dresses.

And we have another formal banquet next week.

And the last formal banquet was earlier this year, and I wore my one long dress.

Not that everyone is watching what the Chaplain's Wife is wearing, but still. I want to make my hubby proud AND look worthy of his mess dress (which for my non-military readers is a funny name for the tuxedo uniform).

So, the other day I hit the Salvation Army, and yesterday I checked every clearance rack I could find at the mall. Nothing. My budget was $50.

Did I mention I'm also uber-modest and am nervous about any cleavage? Yeah.

So, today while my girls were at SPA (Summer Performing Arts), I decided to go to a couple of new-to-me thrift stores.

I found a dress, no name label, made in Canada. It's an amazing and nearly-indescribable olive color with a subtle large-floral print. Spaghetti straps, but covers my chest completely without looking Amish. $9.99 plus tax.

Then on my way to pick up my girl, I stopped in at the old faithful Goodwill. They had a nice selection of formals as well, so to kill time I tried a few on. Found another one! This one is a clingy knit, with short little cap sleeves, black and sparkly.

I nearly fainted when the cashier told me my total was $1.60.

So, for twelve dollars, God blessed me with TWO formals!

Now I have to decide which one to wear.

And I need a new fancy clutch....


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That is awesome, Pattie! Yay! Pics, girlie, pics!!

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