Thursday, December 31, 2009


I was first intrigued by the idea of an "annual theme" by some of my friends, who seek God's leading and guidance each year through a singular idea. More often than not, the theme is not chosen by the woman herself, but by God. The methods through which He chooses to reveal said theme are as varied as the women themselves, as one might imagine the Creator of the Universe to be creative Himself. It's exciting, not only at the precipice of a new year to see what the theme is, but fascinating to see how God works through that theme in each woman's life.

Last year was the first crystal-clear leading of a theme I felt from the Lord. That theme was Brave. It was a good, although sometimes difficult, year. I'm still learning about stepping out of my comfort zone and how to work around and through my weaknesses, trying to turn them into strengths. Having "Brave" as my theme helped me overcome a few fears and step out of my comfort zone more times than I would have liked, and with good results. It forced me to trust outside myself, and let God have control more than I might have otherwise.

After paging through my last two journals a few weeks ago, I began thinking about 2010 and what God might have in store for me. At first I thought, "I'm not going to pursue a theme this year. 2010 will bring many, many changes in our lives and I just don't want to deal with a theme too!"

Do you think God's going to let me off the hook? Of course not!

Since the day I paged through those journals, I saw over and over again my prayer for FOCUS. Thus, my theme. Here is what focus says to me:
  • sharpening or narrowing
  • intentional
  • more control
  • less craziness
One of the things I'm going to do to sharpen my focus is participate in the Bible in 90 Days challenge. I may not make it, but I'm going to give it a try! Spending more of my time in the Word will help my focus stay in the right place.

With many, many changes ahead, I hesitate to post more goals that I won't meet (like the reading challenges of 2009 that I didn't finish!). Most of my personal goals are broad in scope, and many of my household goals will be short-term, to be completed in the next four to five months.

So, here we go!

Happy New Year 2010!


Stacey said...

Happy New Year! I think that is a wonderful theme. ((hugs))

Dana said...

the Bible in 90 days challenge so tempts me!
By the way--instead of looking at what you didn't get done in those lists...look at what you DID get done. Better than having done nothing at all!!

Teri Lynne said...

I'm doing the Bible in 90 days challenge also. And I generally have a theme for the year as well. This year I think it's completion ... which will require focus & self-control. Finishing projects and tasks ... I am notorious for starting and never finishing. So, I am making a list of the projects to complete BEFORE I take on any new tasks.