Monday, January 04, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 4

"How are you doing?" the readers ask with bated breath.

She responds, "Well, I'm doing ok, all things considered."

(just a li'l fiction style for fun!)

I will say this: It's not easy breaking old habits and forming new ones. I'm still trying to find my new rhythm!

I have also found that if I fall behind, that's ok; I can catch up later. Right now I have about seven more chapters in Genesis before I'm caught up.

I'm not, as some of my fellow sojourners, taking notes on this reading. Instead, to avoid bogging myself down, I'm just reading my Bible like a wonderful, familiar-yet-new Book.

It is quite different, reading the Bible more quickly this way, watching His story unfold.

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Teri Lynne said...

I hadn't planned to take notes but found myself making connections that I had never noticed before. I decided to read and make minimal notes in my Bible in the morning ... then come back to that as I have time for a more detailed look. I am amazed at how much I'm noticing as I read larger portions of Scripture together.

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