Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thoughts on a Sunday

I'm taking a few moments to blog tonight, before things get crazy around here with football and sorting paperwork and organizing my week.

Last week my husband was TDY (for my civilian readers, TDY stands for Temporary DutY, or a short trip away; in contrast, a deployment is a long trip away). So it was all I could do to work, go to school, finish my poetry projects for creative writing class (which are DONE! Hallelujah!), and even more daunting: sorting my books. Not all of them, just the ones double-stacked on one shelf (not the whole bookshelf, which I share with Chaplain Hubby--just the top shelf!) and hidden in a closet. I think about thirty books have left the house this week!

(I have this love affair with books....)

I'm still reading the Bible, but I'm quite behind in the Bible in 90 Days challenge. I'm not giving up, even though I'm tempted to do so. I will likely finish in 180! But God is an awesome, wonderful God and I've come further than ever before in reading the Bible completely through!

You'll be seeing a lot of book reviews coming up, and I'll still be over at Wives of Faith too. If you're a military wife, stop by and say hello. We have a great team of writers so it's not just me, and we are talking about Love and being God Strong this month.

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Teri Lynne Underwood said...

"love affair with books" ... I have that too. Speaking of the Bible in 90 Days thing, yesterday and today the reading was Job ... I learned this, I don't like poetic writing styles. It was the biggest struggle I have had so far in this challenge. Funny, though, because I love the Psalms. Maybe it was the epic style poetic writing ... I don't know but it was hard.

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