Monday, March 08, 2010

Throwing in the towel

...the Bible in 90 Days towel, that is.

I will not be finishing the entire Bible by the end of March.

The thing is, I got behind, then behinder, and I can NOT seem to catch up. I think taking on this challenge during this busy time of life (preparing for a cross-country move, selling a house, taking a class toward certification, and all of my other ministry commitments) was too ambitious.

On the plus side: I’ve read more of the Old Testament straight through than ever before in my entire life. Reading the Bible this way has shown me a lot about the whole picture of God’s love for us, and His plan for His people.

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Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Pattie, I completely understand where you are! As I said in my post, I had to let a lot of good things go and change a lot of scheduling I had intended in order to do this challenge. You didn't have that luxury ... but I'm sure you will finish ... and I'll be cheering you on each step of the way!!