Monday, April 26, 2010

Coming up...

There will be a rash of book promotions here...because I have a few books to pass along this weekend. For some, I had an obligation to review them. Others arrived unsolicited, but I'll post a note about each of them anyway!

In other news: details with our move are truly coming together. I'm so grateful to the Lord for working those things out! It might not be that hard of a move after all!

I have three weeks of class! OY! I did receive a compliment from my instructor, who suggested I revise my nonfiction piece, then submit it for publication. SUBMIT IT!!!!! It is exactly the kind of affirmation I was looking for--I should not give up on this writing of mine. I should keep going.

And I will.

But for now, the teenage girl in the house wants to check her email and facebook. And I need to clean the kitchen and find some dinner.

Have a great week! Next week I'll be participating in the Wives of Faith blog carnival for military spouse appreciation month, so stay tuned!


Teri Lynne Underwood said...

I am glad things are going pretty smooth as you prepare to move! You all are in my prayers.

Katie said...

I am so glad details are coming together. And for the affirmation you got.