Monday, January 17, 2011

Gifts 5

holy experience

8. an old-but-still-works DVD player
9. a working barbeque
10. a husband to run said working barbeque
11. my Holy Bible, New Living Translation, with commentary by Jill Briscoe. I am enjoying the fresh wording of the Word as I read the Bible through.
12. good eyesight. Truly cannot imagine not being able to see to read or write.
13. my little devotionals were accepted for inclusion into a new book! I will be published in Faith Deployed . . . Again by Jocelyn Green this summer.


Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Love your lists, Pattie ... and I'm so happy for your latest publication news!! Congrats!!

~ linda said...

Not only am I grateful for your blessing list, but am so thankful that you support and care for your husband as he serves our country. You are serving the USA as well. I was raise a Navy kid and live around many military families now. I respect each of you and appreciate what you do and are for us.
Congratulations on your writing be published, too.
May the Lord be with you and continue to fill you up with those things to praise, ~ linda

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