Monday, January 24, 2011

Gifts 6

holy experience

14. My overall good health.

15. The good health of my children. Truly I do not take this for granted. I have many friends with sick children, and I am phenomenally blessed.

16. Clothing--I might not be the most stylish, and I'll never be considered well-dressed. But I have adequate clothing for most places and occasions to which I'm invited.

17. The book Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson. If ever a book (besides the Bible) ever changed me, this is it. Choosing to live a roasted, ground, fresh-brewed life has brought me more pain that I'd ever have imagined, but also so many more blessings than I ever thought possible. I've grown in the past 11 years since I read the book.

18. Driving in January in Texas, window rolled down, sun pouring in the window, blasting Josh Groban on the stereo.

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