Sunday, June 17, 2012

5 Minute Friday: Sunday Edition


When I saw the topic for this week's Five Minute Friday, all I could think about was Robert Frost.

You know the one. The poet. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood." That guy.

But instead of waxing philosophical, I'll write about an actual path. Snowy. Blocked by a moose.

This year our spring break was in March. But March in Alaska is not very springy. In fact, it was still quite chilly, very snowy, and dark-ish in the mornings and evenings.

On the last day of that week, I announced to my family that we were NOT going to stay home and be bored. We were going to go do something new.

We drove about thirteen miles down a road, where it ended at the nature center. We paid our parking fee, looked around the inside room at the displays, then headed outside to look at the great outdoors.

It was really awesome. We saw the glacier in the distance, the remaining piles of snow from our record-breaking snowfall that winter, birds galore, and lovely scenery.

Taking one of the paths, the girls who had run ahead reversed their direction and came back to us. "There's a moose in the way. We can't go that way." We'd already been warned about these giant unwieldy wild animals. So of course I turned on the zoom lens of my camera and walked a bit toward the moose who lay in the path, chewing on branches. (I figured she'd have to stand up before chasing me, so I had a few moments' head start if she got up.)

I took several photos of her. It was awesome.

We went back to the car the other way.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome story. I have met a moose too - but I was in a car. She was on the road and I stopped and waited for her to make the decision to retreat to the forest. They are mighty big.
From Ontario, linking from The Gypsy Mama.

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