Friday, June 29, 2012

Dance dance dance

Dance--at Lisa Jo formerly Gypsy Mama

My girls have both been taking dance classes since they were three years old. That means I've been a dance mom for twelve years.

Twelve years of tights, bobby pins, pink ballet shoes and black and tan tap shoes, jazz moves and handstands and cartwheels, pointe shoes and "look what I learned in class today, Mom!" Storybook ballets like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, Nutcracker performances with professionals, competitions, and recitals every spring.

We've been in seven dance studios in four states, with probably twenty teachers between both girls.

I'm still amazed that the girls can be so talented, when I have lived such an uncoordinated life. Not just physically, although I know now that I can blame my ear condition for a lot of my balance issues. But I know that I've lived my life believing that I could not achieve coordination through dancing. It's tough to let go of all that, and I didn't want my daughters to deal with all that baggage.

So they dance, and my heart dances to watch them dance. And I believe it makes God smile to see it all.


Melissa said...

What a heartfelt post! I could feel the love and warmth of your words. I have only been a dance mom for 3 years, so I have a long way to go to catch up with you, but seeing my little one dressed for ballet makes me smile (and laugh when she is also wearing her pink cowgirl boots holding a pink golf club hitting a pink golf ball ...).

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

True when your heart and daughters dance, I believe you have made him smile.

Sara H said...

I totally get it. I'm still trying to figure out where my kids got it. :D I just dance with them in my heart too. :)

Stacey said...

Oh I have had a time trying not to pass things down too. Your girls are beautiful! :) I guess you pass good things down as well!

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