Friday, August 24, 2012

Join me on a 5 Minute Friday

JOIN--at Lisa Jo formerly Gypsy Mama

"Join the club."

How many times do we use that phrase?

"I'm tired."
"Join the club."

"I don't have money to go out today."
"Join the club."

"I don't see how we can fit one more thing into our schedule."
"Join the club."

You see what I mean? We're so quick to try to identify with people's problems or issues, we are like, "Yeah, join the club...I'm there too, let's be together."

The problem is, it seems so negative. It's not an understanding of "I understand your feelings" or even a sympathetic "I've been there and survived, and so will you."  No, it's a cynical little "suck it up" kind of response.

"Join the club."

I've had enough of "suck it up" kind of responses from people. I get that a lot in the military world (interestingly, more online than in person). We need less of that and more of a sense of belonging and community, a sense of "let's live this life together, and let's pray for each other."


Wow, I don't know why I went this direction with the word "join." Guess that's what is on my heart. I'm sure it's not as nice and welcoming a post as others (I never read others' 5 Minute Friday posts till I'm done---it's the teacher in me that won't let me do anything that's remotely like cheating!), but for whatever reason it's what flowed out of my hands today.

It's even a good day! Will you JOIN me in rejoicing that we have another day on this earth to hug our families and friends? To make a difference for Jesus?

/end of 5 minutes/


Jen said...

Hi, Pattie! I really enjoyed reading this & you make a great point. We always welcome people to join us in our misery much more quickly than we invite them to join in our joy. Likewise, we like to join in with the joys of others but not their sorrows. I really like this. I think it's important to remember to join one another for the right reasons, not to complain. I'm your neighbor at Five Minute Friday. Thanks for making me think with this one! It's nice to meet you! :) ~Jen

Wendy said...

So very true! What if we took more time to invite into the wonderful moments? Love what you shared today! Blessings!

Ebony S said...

Pattie, if you were to write the same flavor of posts as everyone else, it'd be boring! Besides, what's on your heart is what needs to be said!

There *is* a lack of positive support sometimes, especially from those who should understand the most. It's easier to identify with and wallow in misery than to choose Joy and encourage others with a hopeful attitude.

"Let's live this life together," for sure! Love that.

Beth said...

Great post. "Rejoice with those who rejoice an weep with those who weep." I don't like suck it up responses either. That is not faith.