Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Dive

Five minute freewrite on a Friday...join in! Click on the link below the graphic and read others' writings. Five minutes, timer set, let's go! sink or swim....I'm divin' in......{whoa, oh, oh oh oh oh ohhhhh!}

Anyone who's ever heard Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Dive" will recognize that line. As soon as I saw the topic, in fact, that song started playing in my head, like a jukebox I can't turn off. 

Don't get me wrong, after nearly a year of moderate {major to me!} hearing loss, music is finally easier for me as my brain adjusts to renewed hearing and my body rebalances itself, hinging on a 4 milimeter piece of titanium in my ear.

But diving? Well, I can't.

I will learn more as I go, but for now, swimming is out for me. So would diving be, and any other water sports. Today, "diving" will be figurative, rather than literal diving in water.

I have been immersing myself in many things since the new year began: reading about ten books at once, studying about prayer for a Bible study I'm writing online (, even reading the Bible through in one year with my ESV One-Year Bible.

Through these new habits and books and ideas, I'm immersing myself in what I believe God has called me to in this season of my life. I'm not sure exactly how to articulate it other than how I have, yet. It's like a cauldron in my brain, steaming and bubbling with all sorts of things.

I can only trust the One who holds the spoon, sloughing off the dross that surfaces, adding what He must to make it what He wants it to be.

Wow, that was interesting. Sometimes you just don't know how something will turn out till you write it  :)

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Stacey Westbrook said...

Visiting from FMF :)
My Diving is more figuratively as well {{hugs}}
whoa....ten books (sounds like me) Prayerfully (unlike me) you'll finish them!

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