Thursday, February 14, 2013

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

I'm joining in with my virtual pal Kristen (whom I'm certain I will meet in person someday) at Out of the Blue Thursday. Details are here, and today's link-up is here.

Answered prayers.

Sometimes I forget that God answers the prayers of our hearts, and not always with blinking neon lights and a huge arrow that says "HEY LOOK--I answered your prayer HERE."

Every time we move, I have to leave friends behind. As a military family, we've moved three times, and each of those times was across great distances. I have to leave friends behind every single time, starting anew in each location.

The cry of my heart is to have friends close by. The kind I can hug in person. The kind I can call without calculating time zone differences.

Each move, each new location, God provides me friends. Multiple friends who care about . . . well, me.

Lord, I may not always say something, but today I say, thank You.


pioneercynthia said...

It's hard, isn't it, when we move. I'm not sure it makes any difference how long we're at a place, people come into our lives, and then they go.

It's always a little painful, even if we aren't that close. Like when a favorite bank teller gets a new job, or a long-time family associate closes their business.

Is it because God created women to be "extra"-relational? Or because we don't like change?

Kristen@Chasing Blue Skies said...

"Lord, I may not always say something, but today I say, thank You." ~ Yes...that's why I love this out of the blue series. It's a chance for us all to say thank you.

And girl, I hear your heart here. You know I know how it is. I'm thanking God too for providing you with friends up close, friends in your time zone.

And yes...we *must* meet one day, Pattie! Have a great Valentine's Day.

Beth said...

I'm a military spouse but my husband is in the reserves. But my son is active Navy with a spouse and about to make there first move. Reading what you've shared gives me hope that God will bless them with new friendships. I'm so glad He has done that for you. Thank you for sharing your heart. And thank you to your family for your service!