Friday, October 04, 2013

Wash her car/mom van/SUV

October 4:

One tangible, hands-on way you can help your military wife friend--especially if her husband is away--is to clean her car. Or her mom van. Or her SUV. Whatever her vehicle is, you can help her by cleaning it up a bit.

It doesn't have to be professional, and it can be at her house or yours.

Chances are pretty good that she will say "no" if you offer, so don't give her a choice--either swap vehicles with her for the afternoon, or invite her over for dinner and let your teenagers do it. (Family service is a beautiful thing.) Or, find out when she's not going somewhere, and pack up your cleaning supplies and head on over to her garage to work on it while her baby's napping.

A tangible, practical thing to do to help out a busy mom who's had to do it all for a while and might just about live in her van at this point.

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1 comment:

Kay said...

Excellent advice!! I love a clean van and hubby usually does that. So when hubby is gone, it doesn't get done :-(

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