Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23rd: Emily of New Moon Trilogy

Sometimes my favorites are not as popular, but just as good.

I read the Anne of Green Gables series in my teen years, as did many of you who are in my generation and of my reading taste. We thrilled when Anne found Diana, her bosom friend. We cheered when she smacked Gilbert over the head and broke her slate--not his head--clear across. We followed her through school, through college, and into marriage and family life. But then I found Emily.

Emily of New Moon. She lived on PEI just like Anne did, but her experience was different.
Emily always knew she wanted to be a writer--even though writing was forbidden to her at first. The cast of characters all unique: Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura, Ilse, Dean, Perry, Teddy...

I found a kinship with Emily that I did not have with Anne. I have wanted to write for publication since my early teen years, so these books fed into those dreams. My dream is still to write a book for publication.

I think I will reread these books again, even though the bindings are all cracked and broken. Well-loved books, these, and according to the inside cover of the first book (I used to write my name and the date inside a book when it was mine), 31 years old this year.

To read more of this #31DaysofBooks series, visit the introduction post.


Leann Richardson said...

another series I have not read but want to. I might need a year of reading YA series fiction. LOL

Marian Frizzell said...

Oh, Emily…I love her so much. (Hi--I'm another military wife and writer. I was back poking around the 31 days website and found your blog. Now I'm investigating the books you wrote about. :) I wrote about transition over on

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