Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24th: Found Art

For most of my adult life, I have struggled with the concept of home.

My family moved away after I graduated high school, so on vacations from college I didn't go home--I went to my parents' and sister's home.

My husband and I got married right after college graduation, and after that we moved every 2-4 years. Then he joined active duty military life, and we have moved three more times.

My parents moved to Wisconsin for three years, Minnesota for four, Indiana for another few years until their divorce, and in the meantime my sister got married and has lived in the same house in Minnesota for 12 years. I told her recently that she wins the prize.

So when Leeana Tankersley wrote this book about finding beauty in foreign places, I wasn't sure what to expect.
I mean, I like the idea of found art, and I was surprised to discover in a workshop once that found poetry is really fun, but home? Home is almost a foreign concept.

In the book, Leeana writes of living in San Diego and Bahrain, about beauty and family and feeling the presence of God.

We've lived in Alaska for over three years, so it's been years of separation, finding new normals, parenting through the teen years, so many things and events and people and needs and snow.

The Bahrain desert may be a world away from the frozen permafrost and tall mountains of Alaska, but in many ways I feel a kinship with this book, even now.

It's good. It's very moving and deep and it touched me. It's a book I will revisit again.

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Calendar Girl 365 said...

Leanna is wonderful. I read this book when we had landed in Bahrain and were stuck in the hotel due to the unrest we found ourselves in. This book was the breath of life I needed to discover beauty in the lost places of both Bahrain and my life. Have you read her new book Breathing Room? Equally amazing. I love your blog. I am a future AF Chaplain spouse and I found you via google.

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