Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: Friendship Across the Miles {31 Days of Friendship}

I think many people nowadays have friends they've made over the internet. Whether it's through blogs, Facebook, message boards, forums, or other social media platforms, it's not at all unusual for people to become virtual friends before they meet IRL (in real life).

I want to talk about a writer friend of mine, and I've already named her Anne*.
We met through her blog, I think, originally. She was blogging through her husband's deployment to the sandbox. I was fascinated because the news in her city had picked up her story and had done a few interviews with her and her son for television. How brave to do that, I thought at the time. I connected with her through comments and then, we emailed one another. Later, she expanded a women's ministry she had begun locally with a friend into an online ministry geared toward military wives, and she asked me to be a part. I've proudly been a part of this ministry for the past several years.

We've talked on the phone, Skyped, Facetimed, and of course emailed and texted. We did get to meet in person once, at a conference, and it was wonderful to get to know her in real life. 

One of the best things about my friend Anne is that she really gets me. She accepts me as I am, flaws and all. I appreciate that, because there are only a few people who do. (If you want to read some of my experiences with others who didn't, just stick with me through the rest of October.)

Because Anne and I met through our shared love of writing (although she's a pro and I'm really not!), we have that in common. It's been said that writing brings people together in deeper ways than just talking or socializing. I think that's true. Anne is probably one of the few people who consistently compliments my writing. She trusts me with her unpublished manuscripts to give honest and loving feedback, and that is an amazing thing. If I ever finish a book, she'll be the first person I show it to.

I'm grateful to God for my friend Anne.

*Not her real name. I have changed all names to Austenian pseudonyms. "Anne" is named after Anne Elliot, the heroine of Persuasion. She's a level-headed strong woman, and I think that both the character and my friend are awesome.

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