Friday, February 26, 2010

Progress, maybe

I realized I have only posted book reviews for awhile, and I'm sorry about that. But everything else sounds whiny. Do you ever feel that way?

  • I've been so scattered.
  • I've been eBaying my mom's collections of Precious Moments and rubber stamp sets.
  • I've been falling behind in the Bible in 90 Days challenge, so much so that I'm about ready to quit...yet the Holy Spirit prods me onward. I read about half a day's assignment each time.
  • We're also getting ready for a PCS (move), and because we have to sell our house I've been sorting our belongings and parting with a lot of things. That is hard for me, as I'm emotional about my stuff.
  • I've also been reading like a fiend; hence, the book review posts. I overcommitted on book reviewing, as usual. I decided it's not always my fault. I say yes and write them on my calendar; then the publicity team assigns me a date that doesn't always match. Therefore, I've declined a lot of books lately without definite dates, or with dates that clash with my life's commitments.
  • I still have a shelf of books requiring reviews that I never wrote. Oh, I posted what was asked of me, but I have yet to read the book to review it.
  • I've also been busy with the class I'm taking. It's taken a lot more work than I first imagined.
  • Same with Wives of Faith. It's good work, though.
  • I spent quite a bit of last weekend on my daughter's applications for summer dance intensives.
Is it any wonder I'm all over the board emotionally? I need a break, but when I get one, and accomplish a lot on my to-do list, the list grows exponentially the other direction, with more items being added on.


Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Oh, honey, I think the season of life you are (and I am rapidly approaching) with teenagers is probably far more frantic than having wee ones ever could be. And then all the other stuff we "wonder woman wannabes" schedule for ourselves added to life itself ... it's no wonder that we don't all spend our lives wrapped up in a blanket drooling on ourselves!!

Love you, my friend, and praying as you sort books, belongings, and every thing else. (And I have to say I'm very proud of you for saying no ... so hard to do!)

Amber said...

I noticed that sleep wasn't on that list! I second Teri on the kudos for saying no. It is so hard to admit that we can't always do what we want or even think we ought to be able to do. Praying for you during PCS.

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