Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 28: Regular Blogging

It's been interesting blogging regularly this month. For a few years, I regularly posted on this blog, both personal posts and book reviews, and it was a nice quiet blog with a small following. Then I went through a really rough patch with a friend about three years ago, and I felt it was no longer safe to blog because her other friends were "reporting" back to her what I wrote, and it was feeding into the drama.

So, I got scared. And I got quiet.

And then, God started giving me a yearly theme. (I've written about them here and here. Oh, and here too.) Those themes have kept me more focused on Him instead of growing a blog. With actual followers and stuff.

Then I ended up accepting a position with Wives of Faith as the blog editor, and the bulk of my writing went toward that ministry. That's not necessarily bad, but neither is it as much of my own personal writing.

So to write every day this month has been good for me. It proved to me again that yes, daily practice does make me a better writer. Having an audience for that practice is just a bonus.

If you are on Facebook with me, you might notice I do not publish these entries on my Facebook wall. This is sort of lame, but my extended family doesn't know about this blog. It's just something that has been very quiet and personal in a weird and public way, as blogging tends to be.

One thing that I'd love to do eventually is move a lot of this over to an author blog (and I have the blogspot address for my full name already saved!). But to do that, I need to actually BE an author. In my mind, that is someone who has finished a book. Mine are all pieces, saved on a flash drive here, an external hard drive there . . . certainly nothing concrete and definitely not anything worthy of sending out to an agent! Someday, maybe. Definitely something worth striving for.

Pretty soon I won't be posting as much--my writing energies will be poured into writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month. I am determined to win this year! I think I can do it, even though I am starting to teach two classes in about a week and a half. However, if my recently discovered health issues get in the way, I will give myself grace to bow out . . . well, gracefully.


Christine said...

You can do it...the novel :-) because you're awesome! <3 you!

Beth said...

Pattie, I am really ejoying reading your blog!

Katie said...

Love you friend.

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