Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Minute Friday: Gift



I'm always grateful for the gift of grace. Grace greater than all our sin. Grace from my Lord when I mess up. Grace from my family for my mistakes. Grace from my students when it takes me twice as long to grade something. Grace from my own heart to myself is so hard to give...still learning.

I'm grateful for the gift of love. Love when I don't deserve it. Love of my husband and daughters. Love from friends both near and far. The love of God, how rich and pure...if the oceans were ink, they wouldn't be enough to write God's love across the sky (you know the song).

I'm grateful for the gift of music. Music that is the song of my heart, that I can no longer sing prettily because I can't hear it all. But that I can hear it AT all is a gift and a grace, and a gentle reminder that this disability is only temporary for me--it's permanent for so many others.

And finally, I'm grateful for the gift of literacy. Truly, truly grateful for the Bible, the plethora of books on my burgeoning shelves, the wisdom they contain, the stories between their covers. All of it is gift to my hungry eyes and brain that thirsts for knowledge and truth and beauty and yes, sometimes escape.


Sherrey said...

Popping in from Gypsy Mama's. Loved your post and list of gifts. All are blessings indeed!

Sara H said...

Sounds like you have the gift of a thankful heart. :)

BTW, I'm a dance mom too. Quite fun, eh? :)

dayebydaye said...

Really enjoyed this post- I loved how you shared a gift and then expanded upon each one. Thanks for writing!