Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a bird's eye view

Taken with my phone, 7 March 2012, Alaska

Another shift and practice in perspective--this one is difficult for me.

Not only am I short in stature, I'm a keep-busy kind of girl, usually with my nose in a book. As a child I ran watching my feet, afraid to fall down. I don't often look up from the work I'm doing--I keep plugging along, working hard and doing what I've been asked to do.

Looking at the big picture overwhelms me.

One time in a faculty meeting in our small-town high school, we were led through some questions. At the end of the list, we were told what we "were" based on our score on the little quiz. Several people were eagles. Others were beavers. Me? I was a mouse.

At first, I was offended. A mouse? Really? But it wasn't much later that I realized the assessment tool was absolutely spot on. When I'm working on a project, or in a group, I go down the list, one thing at a time, checking things off and getting things done. I do what's in front of me, concentrating on the task at hand, just like a mouse.

I'm learning to leave the big picture to the visionaries and with God. I am learning to be who God created me to be, the best me I can become, and if He wants me to be a visionary, He will give me the insight. Until then, I'll be my little mousey self.

If I can't soar with the eagles (and I was blessed to see some eagles soaring last week), I can sure work with the mice!

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