Friday, April 13, 2012

5 minutes on good-bye



Good-bye. Such a hard thing to say. I've mentioned it here on my blog before, but saying good-bye is tough. I've been on both sides of good-bye and neither one is fun. It's not fun to be the one leaving, and it's not fun being the one left behind.

I could blame it on the military, and the military is an easy target for that. But the sad truth is, our family moved around every 3-4 years before my husband joined the military. He was a pastor, and in our case pastoring a church was a 3-4-year-long gig, depending on the church. There have been churches I hated leaving, ones I was sad to leave but happy to go to the next church, and one in particular that prompted some literal dust-shaking from my feet.

It's hard to say good-bye. Thankfully in the military, it's not so much "good-bye" as "see you later," because there's always the chance you'll see old friends again. In our life, some dear friends we knew in North Dakota will be moving to Fairbanks this summer, which means we get to say "hello" once more (Fairbanks is only a 7 1/2 hour drive from where we live; roughly the same as a drive from Kansas City to Minneapolis).

That's the end of my five minutes :)


Felecia said...

Pattie -
Sounds to me like your friends will be happy to see you and say Hello! PS - thanks to you and your husband for your service to Christians and to the citizens of the USA. We're so proud of you!
Many Blessings,

Stacey said...

I have never moved to a new place and had old friends there. Sometimes I thought the world must simply be HUGE. I'm glad your friends will have you "close" by. I know, it's all relative. ;)

dayebydaye said...

My dad was a pastor, my husband is a pastor- my whole life has been one of saying goodbye. But I love how friendships endure and stand the test of time! I now have friends all over the world and saying hello is just as sweet!

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