Tuesday, May 08, 2012

What about MY dream sheet?

Day #2 : The Dream Sheet--you can click here to go to the blog and all the other comments from other military wives!

Image courtesy of JASNA.org, the online home of the Jane Austen Society of North America (I was a member for several years, actually).

I have always wanted to go to England, for a very long time. I think I was more excited about seeing London when my French teacher was selling the trip to France, than I was about seeing Paris. (The point was moot--my parents couldn't afford a trip to Europe in any case.)

Most military wives know that the dream sheet is just that: a dream. The one time in a chaplain's career that his wishes are taken into account personally is after the CPE year, which was last year for us. My husband told the assignments chaplain that he was truly willing to go anywhere, but his first choice was Alaska. Surprisingly (because again, the dream sheet is a dream!) and happily, we are now in Alaska.

I tell people jokingly that Chaplain Hubby got the assignment at the top of his dream sheet--but England is at the top of mine. And it's true. Perhaps we'll get over there one day, or perhaps I'll just visit.

So I can see Jane Austen's house above, or Shakespeare's tomb, or even just ride a double-decker bus. I'll be happy regardless.

I peeked at several other wives' blog posts for today, and so many of them have said that they make it a point to be happy wherever they go. That is a conclusion I came to when my husband went active duty and his first assignment was North Dakota. That's why Joshua 1:9 is my military wife life verse.

Make no mistake--I am very happy with my family right now in Alaska. I have appreciated no spring more than this one, after our record-breaking snowfall finally melted away and the trees' buds are actually beginning to unfurl into leaves right now. I am enjoying every moment of every sunny day and marveling at the changes in the sunlight.

But someday? Someday I'd love to visit the United Kingdom. Cheers!

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