Friday, June 08, 2012

Day 4 of 15 Habits


The challenge: Find a way to practice in public.

OK. Well, in lieu of actually throwing a rough draft out on my blog, or something like that, I will say that I have opportunity to do this right now.

  1. I am a contributor for Wives of Faith, a supportive website for Christian military wives. I contribute as often as I'm able.
  2. I also have a deadline next week for a piece I have agreed to contribute to a collaborative project. 
  3. I have an opportunity coming up very soon to guest post for someone I met on my chaplain wife blog.
I guess the difference with this and what Mr. Goins has in mind is that none of these are particularly risky ventures (well, except for #2, as I don't have a rough draft yet and I'm really procrastinating!).

I touched upon this in the Day 3 post: I need to establish these new habits of really being a writer instead of merely calling myself a writer, or being a "wannabe."

So do it. Now. Today. Fail fast, and then tell us what you learned. This will be messy, no question about it. That’s okay. Because practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes habits. ~Jeff Goins

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