Monday, August 06, 2012

Failing Forward?

I know someone out there in cyberspace will read this and think, Get over yourself, already. And maybe I do need to get over myself. But I also need somewhere to be real, and this would be that place.

I've had this blog for several years now, and for the past few months it's really been about writing exercises and book reviews. But I also tried a couple of challenges: photo a day through July, and Bible in 90 (ok, really 99) Days. I quit the photos about July 8th, and I'm still weeks behind in the B90Days challenge.

Instead of concentrating on all that I've accomplished this summer, I look at those failed attempts (as well as the uncompleted list of summer tasks) as well as all my weak moments of the deployment, and all I see is a big fat F for failure.

My friend Sara said she'd been reading a book by John Maxwell called Failing Forward, and on a whim I looked through my husband's books and found it. (He had to move offices right before his deployment as his assignment changed for the upcoming year, so his books are now downstairs as his new office has no bookshelves.) It's now in a stack of about fifteen books I'd wanted to read this summer, but - you guessed it - I haven't yet finished.

I think it's one I will need to read. While goals are worthwhile, I tend to berate myself badly if I don't finish them.


Stacey said...

((hugs)) And sometimes we need to realize that it's not failure, but simply moving at our own pace. Maybe move that book up to the top?

Beth said...

I get it. I have not made a dent in my summer reading list, nor will I. I have changed my list of goals. That is okay, right?

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