Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Minute Friday

Five minute freewrite on a Friday...join in! Click on the link below the graphic and read others' writings. Five minutes, timer set, let's go!

I'm not sure what to write about the word "again." It implies repetition, having been here before, feeling or acting the same. Not necessarily stuck, but perhaps not breaking out either.

I would like to try to turn it around, and say: "When adversity strikes, as I know it will, I will act in faith again," rather than, "Oh wow, I messed up again."

Those of us who have lived a life of faith for years sometimes get stuck. Like any relationship involving the human condition, we get tired, we are selfish, we get in a rut. So it's not the Lord's fault if things feel stale. He has not changed; we have. The onus is on ME to change, to break out, to seek His face anew each morning and afternoon and evening and when I feel tired or sore or bored or overwhelmed again.

My prayer this morning: Lord, help me to remember all the times you were faithful to me, to my family, again and again. Help me remember to act again with faith, rather than allowing my emotional state to sway me into doubt or doldrums. Amen.


Amy said...

I love how you said, "When adversity strikes, as I know it will, I will act in faith again." Amen to that! And God is faithful and will meet us right there...again :). Praying your prayer at the end along with you today. Bless you, sister!!

BARBIE said...

We were on the same page this morning, as I too wrote about what He has already done, and what I know He will do again! Blessings!

afridaysgirl said...

It's so true that HE doesn't change, but we do. What a great reminder. Love your morning prayer. Rosanne

Denise said...

True, true.

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