Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wife 2 Wife

Being a more practical girl in most ways, I haven't been as thrilled with this year's theme choice as I have been before. It's tough to place a goal on a dream. Any achievable steps in dreaming? Not really possible.

But it's my word, without a doubt. Here's the story:

I entered 2013 without a theme word.

Last summer, I went to a jewelry party, and I bought these bracelets for my girls. Somehow, though, I decided I needed one too, so I ordered three. The girls loved their little bracelets with the purple cords, lightweight and pretty.

Then I found mine, hidden in a drawer. And I knew. And I denied it.

But I knew.

I was afraid. Still am. Even now as I write this, knowing I need to share it for the handful of people who read this little blog in the corner of the blogosphere.

I had debated between "dream" and "prayer," because I will be writing a series of very basic, simple, hopefully inspired Bible studies at Wives of Faith on prayer this year. It sounds more lofty and holy to say "My word for 2013 is prayer."

And yet, here I am, with my tiny bracelet and my heart full of words to share, feeling fearful and afraid to dream.

As I read through the Bible this year, I have already started making notes, not only about prayer, but also about dreams. And I am following a writer I'd love to meet one day, as she inspires women to dream.

One of my other friends mentioned yesterday that sometimes words are friends, that they hold hands. I think she's right. Dreams and prayer are friends.

Special thanks to Melanie at Only a Breath for the custom "One Word" graphic. Thank you!!!


Rachel said...

Dream- a good choice! My husband would definitely appreciate it if I would make it a goal to incorporate this one more; I am sometimes too focused on practicality. Thanks for the reminder of the fact that we all have continual room for growth :)

Jhona O. said...

I think you chose an excellent word! I also agree that dream and prayer go hand in hand. Love the way your friend described it.

Natasha said...

I think we get to a point where we stop dreaming. That can be so sad.Those dreams can lead us to do great things for God.

sonnetbird said...

I know I commented here! I don't see it though, so I'll comment again while I'm making W2W rounds :D
I love the word DREAM, it's one that's kept me moving forward in some of the toughest parts of my life. I define DREAMS as the desires of your heart, which we are promised that God will provide, and whether he puts the dreams in there or guides us to fulfilling them, we are sure to be in for an exciting ride :D