Sunday, December 29, 2013


It hardly seems possible that I've been doing this for six years, but the telltale links are at the bottom of this post.

I don't really feel up to writing a whole lot today, which belies the word creative, I suppose. I've been in recovery mode from ear surgery #3 inside of 24 months. I took the winter term off from teaching. I have only subbed one half-day. I've been mourning the loss of the possibility of restored hearing, and getting tired of explaining the anatomy of the ear for those who look confused, and yes, pouting just a little bit. I took a break from writing, from blogging, from blog editing and blog team leading at Wives of Faith, and was lazy if you want to know the truth. I read a lot, wrote very little, and tried to spend more time with my family.

This business of life is hard, sometimes. 


I was not really looking very hard for a word to express my theme for 2014. In fact, I was really okay with taking a year off. However, as is the usual mode of themes, it chose me. (Or rather, God hit me over the head with it over and over for the past several weeks.)

I have a small stack of books about art and creativity to read this year. I want to take some time and space to learn to be creative--in whichever medium that takes. Yarn. Paper. Photos. Words on the screen.

The possibilities truly are endless.

Thanks to Melanie at Only a Breath
for the adorable "1 word" template
I was able to edit at PicMonkey.

"In the beginning, God created..." (Genesis 1:1a)

Past themes:
Brave (2009)
Focus (2010)
Grace (2011)
Listen (2012)
Dream (2013)


Beth said...

Well I'm not sure I knew about your blog site here. So happy to find you. :) Love your word for 2014. I will be announcing mine on Wednesday. I'm rather excited about the word God has chosen for me. husband traveled through Alaska. Sent me a great picture from the airport. Thanks for all you do to encourage friend. Many blessings.

Amy Tilson said...

I think this will be an exciting year for you! Be sure to put The Creative Call on your list if it isn't already, also A Million Little Ways. I'd love to hear about your surgeries and hearing loss in as much detail as you want to share. I have a BS in Audiology and and still fascinated by it. Can't believe I didn't know this. I'm so sorry I wasn't keeping up with you more. :(

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