Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th: The Best Yes

"Just as our bodies need oxygen, our souls need truth flowing steadily in and out."
from The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst

 {This is my second Lysa book this month, if you didn't notice. The first was Unglued.}

I read this book this summer after reading The Cure for the 'Perfect' Life (also a favorite book choice this month), and it was the best follow-up ever.

I love this book for many of the same reasons I loved Unglued. Biblical, practical, helpful, and real. She has a nifty process (with a super-nifty chart on her website) for planning whether something is a yes or a no or a Best Yes.

I haven't worked through the workbook,but if you remember I didn't absolutely love the one for Unglued. This one, however, seems to have a better layout, size, and practicality to it.

My younger daughter is reading the book right now and is finding it very helpful. I think my oldest needs to read it once she finishes some of the other items on her plate...reading time is at a premium when you're a senior in high school and working on scholarship deadlines.

I used the processes in this book when I was asked to teach this book in the spring semester at PWOC. And I had to say no, and it almost killed me. But it was the right decision. I am going to be my friend's assistant in the class, but my friend also knows that I will likely be in and out all semester...and together we'll scout out another helper for our class. I think it's going to work out just fine. That was a decision that worked out.

I think Lysa and I are secretly in sync, especially when I found out in The Best Yes that Lysa and I graduated high school the same year.

To read more of this #31DaysofBooks series, visit the introduction post.


amanda huffman said...

I love Lysa's writing and need to read this book. Knowing how to not over commit is important and as my son gets older it will continue to be even more important.

Laura Schofield said...

I can't wait to take a look at this. I struggle with yes's, and no's. I am trying to find a balance right now!

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