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2015 Reading Challenge: 52 Books in 52 Weeks

I posted this link on Facebook at the end of December, and wow, the response I got! I started a Facebook group and it grew and grew as people added their friends. 
You can print the PDF of the list (the link is in the article here) and start checking them off.
Since I read around 100 books per year (and with a huge long road trip this summer I should have no problem finishing some of them), I am confident I'll finish the list.

One Word 2015: WRITE

I haven't been doing what the mug says, have I? Evidence below, as my last post was almost two months ago.

In fact, I hit a wall with my 2014 One Word, which was Creative.

I read books about creativity and art, which side of the brain does what, and many other things. But when it actually came to creating, well, that was where I stuck with the familiar: painting pottery like this mug, or two sketches all year in my journal, or even knitting the same kind of scarf (two strands of Lion Brand Hometown yarn, size 50 needles, 6 stitches across in garter).

Not much adventure there. I allowed the word to dictate how I had to be, so I learned avoidance.

Enter the end of 2014, and the expectation of 2015 just around the corner. All I saw in my mind and on my desk was this mug: Write.

I have not used my gift well.

I teach writing, I can write, and I edit others' writing. But I get all wrapped up in my head and just don't write anymore.

So with the one word staring me in the face (l…