Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fresh in 2010

"Fresh Year, Fresh Start" Kristi has asked for us to post our ideas for our spiritual growth.

I have already posted about my spiritual journaling, and my 2010 theme. I've been trying to keep up with the Bible in 90 Days challenge (a little behind, but plan to catch up this weekend). Additionally, I've stepped up my commitment to helping other military wives at Wives of Faith.

That's a lot!

I'm trying not to beat myself up this year for not accomplishing everything, trying to keep my focus on what is important rather than what is not, reading and writing as much as I can, and above all taking good care of my family.

I'm still excited about all that 2010 will bring, and while it's tough to live in the moment when it's below zero with -30* wind chills, I'm still looking for beauty and joy in the world.

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Teri Lynne said...

Commenting even before you link to say that I am very proud of you ... it's hard sometimes to be a goal-oriented person and then to move on when we don't accomplish everything we set out to do. Yay to you for letting some things go and focusing on the tasks at hand. 2010 is going to be a wonderful year for you ... exciting changes and great opportunities. I'm just thankful to know you in real life so I can have a front row seat for the incredible things God is doing in and through you!! I love you, my friend. And I think you are very brave.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

You do have a lot on your sure to give it all to God each day and He will show you what the priority needs to be. Have a great weekend!

Kristi_runwatch said...

Thanks for linking up today - I think we can all relate to what you shared!!

I'm not currently doing the Bible in 90 Days challenge, but from survey reading large chunks in the past, I'd advice you to give yourself some grace. God isn't worried about it taking you 100 days to finish. ;) I think it's awesome that you have made a commitment to that and I'm sure it will bear fruit in your life no matter how behind you might get!!

You'll probably enjoy Melissa's post that she linked up today, too!

Brooke McGlothlin said...

I agree with Kristi...I'm not participating either. I wish I was, but just didn't feel led to this time. God is so not judging your ability to keep up with everyone else. He sees your heart and loves your desire to be with Him.

Sandra said...

Thanks for reminding us that our families should be our first priorities!