Friday, July 31, 2009

it's not all about books

I realized as I scrolled through my recent blog posts that they've all been about books or for book blog tours! That might lead one to think I do not have a life. So here's a bit of my life and my Friday felicities, as well.

So, we got the stairwell and living room painting done, as well as the new wood laminate flooring installed downstairs, and await only one trim piece for around the fireplace. It looks good, and with all of my stuff (books, scrapbook and craft supplies) stashed out in the shed or in the garage or under the stairs, well, the living room is quite large!

Remember I lost my 7-ft. bookshelf downstairs; it nearly didn't survive our last move, and I had to nail it together. Literally, the books and videotapes stored in it were holding it upright. Now it's gone. So, without all my books and "stuff" the living room looks pretty good. But I can't find anything, because I remember where it "used to be." Sort of like when you move, and you remember where things were in the old house, but not where they are in the current house!

I still don't know what I'll do with all of my scrapbook stuff. I guess at some point I'll need to bring it back in, sort it, and either use it or get rid of it.

So that's what I've been doing when I haven't been reading or reviewing books!

So now, my Felicities.

  • Sales and Clearance at Old Navy. We saved a LOT of money there today.
  • Military discounts. One of the reasons we saved at Old Navy today!
  • Starbucks triple grande vanilla latte on a rainy afternoon.
  • Downsizing the girls' clothing. We have two bags and a large box full of clothes they either don't want, or clothes that no longer fit, and in the case of the younger, the clothes her sister passed down that are not her style and she will never wear. We're getting rid of far, far more than we brought in to the house today. Chaplain Hubby should be a very happy man.
  • The cooler weather really is a blessing, because we discovered that our AC does not work. Heh.

Blue Like Play Dough Blog Tour

Welcome to a whistle stop on the BLUE LIKE PLAY DOUGH blog tour!

Publisher's Summary:

In the everyday stretch and squeeze of motherhood, Tricia Goyer often feels smooshed by the demands of life. In Blue Like Play Dough, she shares her unlikely journey from rebellious, pregnant teen to busy wife and mom with big dreams of her own. As her story unfolds, Tricia realizes that God has more in store for her than she has ever imagined possible.

Sure, life is messy and beset by doubts. But God keeps showing up in the most unlikely places–in a bowl of carrot soup, the umpteenth reading of Goodnight Moon, a woe-is me teen drama, or play dough in the hands of a child.

In Tricia’s transparent account, you’ll find understanding, laughter, and strength for your own story. And in the daily push and pull, you’ll learn to recognizes the loving hands of God at work in your life… and know He has something beautiful in mind.

Pattie's Review:

Like Tricia, I'm past the play dough stage in motherhood (although the girls still occasionally enjoy model magic). And yet, I find myself still being poked and prodded by the Lord. Particularly in this stage of my life, as I have a notable birthday approaching and I find myself questioning my purpose, my goals, and my desires, among other things, right now.

Reading this book is an affirmation of sorts. That if a multi-published author, wife, and homeschooling mom struggles, it is okay for me and other moms to struggle--but only as long as we acknowledge our immense need for Christ in every moment of every day.

Tricia offers hope for the future, help in the midst of the motherhood scramble, and most of all, that unique "Tricia reality" that makes any of her readers love her and want to sit down for coffee and gab with her.

In some ways, this book reminds me of Ann Kroeker's Contemplative Mom, a book about finding moments with God in the midst of motherhood.

For info on how to purchase the book, go to Random House's site here.

Here's something fun:

Tricia Goyer's Go-Go Campaign!
For every copy of Blue Like Play Dough purchased, Tricia will donate a copy of My Life Unscripted or Generation NeXt Parenting to a pregnancy, teen or family support ministry (while supplies last). All you have to do is buy a copy of Blue Like Play Dough on Christianbook, on Amazon, or at your local bookstore, and then go to Tricia's Go-Go page and fill out the form. EASY!

Many thanks to LitFuse and Multnomah Books for the opportunity to help promote Tricia's new books!

PS: Tricia's family is on a mission trip to the Czech Republic right now,
so please keep the Goyer family in your prayers.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tour de Force by Elizabeth White

Today I will review Elizabeth White's novel Tour de Force.

I was so excited to read this novel! If you've been following my posts this week, you know I have two dancing daughters, one of whom is hoping to make ballet a career.

I truly enjoyed this novel and hope that the author has other plans to write about being a Christian in the world of dance.


Tour de Force tells Gillian Kincade's story. Gilly is a dancer with the Ballet New York company. She is a Christian in the arts, and these two worlds often collide. However, Gilly loves dance and she loves her job, so she tries to be a friend to all of her coworkers and keep her nose clean.

One night, a principal dancer is injured in a performance, and Gilly is chosen to fill in for the rest of the show. Voila! She is now the darling of the company director. She also caught the eye of Christian dance company director Jacob Ferrar, who chooses her and another dancer to dance in his school's version of the Nutcracker. At this point in the story, I just knew that Gillian and Jacob were MFEO (meant for each other)!

Just as one might expect, egos collide, values clash, and both Gilly's and Jacob's faith is put to the test in ways neither of them expect. In fact, in some ways it was shocking and sad, but not wholly unexpected either, in an art form that is also a sport.

And I can't say more without blowing the story! I want you to read this with the same anticipation and abandon that I did. I truly enjoyed this novel, and Elizabeth White has a new fan in me.

Many thanks to the publisher, Zondervan, for the review copy they mailed me. I appreciate it!

And special thanks to this lady:

She has commented on several of my posts this week and that encourages me so much! Thank you very much, Elizabeth! I used to be a high school English teacher in my previous life, so I feel a bit of kinship with you! :)

To visit the author's site, click here: Elizabeth White

And of course, to purchase your own copy, go here.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tour de Force Day 3

I'm participating in a blog tour of Elizabeth White's newest novel Tour de Force.

For Day 3, I thought I'd talk about dancing. It's sort of ironic that I have two dancing girls, when as a child I was not given the opportunity to take dance classes, and in high school was taught that dancing, especially to Rock Music, was sinful and wrong. I wasn't even allowed to try out for show choir, even after my teacher called my dad and talked to him!

So, watching my girls grow up dancing has been a bit of a vindication for me. And not to nurture the talent they exhibit would be, for me, a sin. I'd feel the same if they were good at softball or basketball or even bowling.

I'll post my review of the book soon! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tour de Force Day 2

When we were on our vacation last week, our friends and we were able to tour
the Royal Winnipeg Ballet facilities.
Pictured above is a poster hanging in one of the classrooms.

I was continually amazed at the facility, the thought that went into every detail of this building, from the design to the architecture to the way the floors were engineered in the dancers' best interest.

As I contemplate my daughters' dance education, it's the little things that truly make a difference, not only in their knowledge and learning of the steps and arm positions, but in the "little things" like the floor that has enough bounce that it won't cause them to need knee replacements by the time they're my age!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Perfect Mess

Just to show you all how much I need this book . . .

I had the title of this book in my weekly planner for two weeks, and yet the blog tour came and went with nary a post from me. I was on vacation, yet even after I got home I was living on vacation time since we had out-of-state friends visiting.

*sigh* What a mess! I can't even keep up with the lists I make for myself in my own planner!

So I began this book last night, and WOW. I really DO need it!

A Perfect Mess is a Bible study leading through several of the Psalms. Lisa Harper writes in a down-to-earth, approachable, humorous, and yet expert and knowledgeable way about the Bible. She is a woman who finds help and hope in God's word.

I love a gal like that!

OK, now for all the "where is this book and how do I get my hands on it?" information from the Publisher, Waterbrook (a division of Random House):

Caught up in the self-imposed pressure to do and be all the things they think a Christian woman ought to do and be, countless women are working desperately to convince everyone, including God, that they have it all together. Few have any idea that the Creator of the universe looks at them with delight even when they yell at the dog, drive a minivan littered with French fries, or think bad words about that rude clerk at the store.

A Perfect Mess offers hope to every woman who yearns for a vibrant relationship with God but worries she isn’t good enough or doesn’t do enough to merit His affection. With characteristic authenticity, speaker and author Lisa Harper shares poignant stories from her own imperfect life to showcase the real-life relevancy of the Bible in the lives of modern women.

As she guides readers on a story-driven journey through selected Psalms, they will be inspired to experience for themselves how God’s incomparable love transforms the messiness of life into a gorgeous work of grace..

To purchase the book, click here.

Tour de Force day 1

I'm participating in a blog tour of Elizabeth White's newest novel Tour de Force.

Just a few weeks ago, my daughter (pictured above, age 12) and I were scouting out summer dance programs for next summer. This summer we are staying local, where she is taking apprentice ballet and pointe, senior ballet, apprentice jazz, and beginning choreography, in addition to our local Summer Perfoming Arts program. There's also a week-long summer intensive in August she's going to attend. However, next summer she'll be 13 and with another year of intense ballet and pointe on her quickly-growing resume, she'd like to try a more intense summer program. One such program is in Kansas City, and we're leaning toward that one because we have family we can live with while she attends classes. She would have to audition, and thankfully they audition both in Minneapolis AND by video, so if the January weather is uncooperative, she'd still have a chance to audition.

With the dance world becoming part of ours more and more, I'm thrilled about Elizabeth White's story about a Christian ballerina!

UPDATE:: This post is updated. I will post my review this week. Thanks to Elizabeth White and Coffee Cup Communications for the book!

Who Made You a Princess Review

Shelley Adina has written a young adult series about five good friends at the fictional Spencer Academy, an exclusive private boarding school. The official website describes the girls this way:

Lissa, Mac, Carly, Gillian and Shani—five fabulous girls from Spencer Academy, who spend their time traversing the rocky terrain of high school social climbing while staying true to their faith, and remaining besties to the end.

Who Made You a Princess is book four in the series, and this is Shani's story. Shani is not really homesick at Spencer; her parents are usually off somewhere else, so she's learned to fend for herself. She's strong, self-confident, and crushing on Lissa's friend Danyel after spending part of her summer in Santa Barbara with Lissa.

When the girls get back to Spencer, a new exchange student, Prince Rashid al Amir, has thrown the school--and Shani's life--into turmoil. Turns out Shani's family and the Prince's go back for generations. Will the plans their parents made when they were babies come to fruition?

Shani has some decisions to make: Danyel or Rashid, Jesus or no faith, and of course which college to go to--because it's senior year.

I really like this series of books. They're fun and trendy without being too wordly. Adina is also not afraid to touch on the issues facing teens today (which is why my 12 year old is not going to read these quite yet!). I'd have LOVED these books when I was a teen. Who am I kidding...I'm 30-mumblemumble and I enjoyed them!

I think these books would be a great Christian alternative to the Clique, the Gossip Girls or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. The characters face probably many of the same issues, but they make different choices.

To learn more, please visit the official website:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Be Strong and Curvaceous

Shelley Adina has written a young adult series about five good friends at the fictional Spencer Academy, an exclusive private boarding school. The official website describes the girls this way:

Lissa, Mac, Carly, Gillian and Shani—five fabulous girls from Spencer Academy, who spend their time traversing the rocky terrain of high school social climbing while staying true to their faith, and remaining besties to the end.

The third novel in the series, Be Strong and Curvaceous, tells Carly's story. Carly comes back from spring break in Mexico with her grandparents to find she has a new roommate. Lady Lindsay MacPhail has landed, and Carly is feeling possessive of her privacy, her space, and her crush: popular Brett Loyola.

When Carly starts to feel like she and Mac are becoming friends, Mac reluctantly confesses that she's been receiving threatening emails, and she's not sure why. The girls band together to try to solve the mystery--and save each other from harm.

I think these books would be a great Christian alternative to the Clique or Gossip Girls or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. The characters face probably many of the same issues, but they make different choices.

To learn more, please visit the official website:

The Fruit of My Lipstick

Shelley Adina has written a young adult series about five good friends at the fictional Spencer Academy, an exclusive private boarding school. The official website describes the girls this way:

Lissa, Mac, Carly, Gillian and Shani—five fabulous girls from Spencer Academy, who spend their time traversing the rocky terrain of high school social climbing while staying true to their faith, and remaining besties to the end.

The second novel in the series, The Fruit of my Lipstick, tells Gillian's story. Gillian Chang is a brilliant and conflicted young woman, torn between the pressures from her parents and family to conform to the ideal Chinese girl, and her strong desire to be a musician and follow her heart. She is Lissa's roommate, and has always been more vocal about her faith than Lissa.

When romance enters the picture, sparks fly from all directions . . . and Gillian has to wonder why Lucas is short-tempered with her, and why her friends question things about him . . .

I think these books would be a great Christian alternative to the Clique or Gossip Girls or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. The characters face probably many of the same issues, but they make different choices.

To learn more, please visit the official website:

It's All About Us

Shelley Adina has written a young adult series about five good friends at the fictional Spencer Academy, an exclusive private boarding school. The official website describes the girls this way:

Lissa, Mac, Carly, Gillian and Shani—five fabulous girls from Spencer Academy, who spend their time traversing the rocky terrain of high school social climbing while staying true to their faith, and remaining besties to the end.

The first novel in the series, It's All About Us, gives us Lissa Mansfield's story. She is a transfer student to Spencer Academy in San Francisco from Southern California. Right away she's faced with some pretty tough issues: making friends, whether or not to be open about her Christianity, how to get into the "in" group like she was in her old school, and how far to go with her hot new boyfriend.

I think these books would be a great Christian alternative to the Clique, the Gossip Girls or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. The characters face probably many of the same issues, but they make different choices.

To learn more, please visit the official website:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pride and Prejudice and . . . Zombies?

Everything Austen Challenge 2009

Yep, it's true. Zombies. If you're interested in winning a copy, hop on over to Suko's Notebook to enter!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Felicities

  • Zebra Sarasa gel pens. I just love them!
  • Lists. They are helping me get things done. Plus, there's nothing like crossing something off a list!
  • Peanut Butter Toast. Comfort food at its simplest.
  • The United States Air Force, for hiring my husband to do a job he really loves.

What makes you happy? Make a list and then post it to Becky's site.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Everything Austen Challenge

Everything Austen Challenge 2009

I read about this from author Trish Perry's blog. What fun! Even though I need a new challenge like the proverbial hole in the head. But I can't resist Jane Austen!

When I was classifying books once on Library, I used the word "Austenesque" to describe books that were either based upon Jane Austen's works, were modern retellings, or what have you. Then as I packed the books from my now-broken bookshelf, I discovered I had a small box of Austenesque literature. This challenge will, honestly, give me the chance to finish some of those books.

Here's the thing with challenges: Things crop up that distract me from my goal. New books come out, or I find treasures at the library. I also know if the list is too long (as in the Austen X2 challenge!) I will not have a prayer of finishing.

Therefore, I will list all the books and movies from which I can choose! This gives me some wiggle room.

I commit to reading and/or watching six between now and the end of the challenge.

These are the books currently in my possession to read:

  • The Second Mrs. Darcy by Elizabeth Aston
  • Becoming Jane Austen by Jon Spence **in process--not an easy read!**
  • The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James
  • Jane Austen in Boca by Paula Marantz Cohen
  • Jane Austen in Scarsdale by Paula Marantz Cohen
  • North by Northanger: Or, the Shades of Pemberley, a Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mystery by Carrie Bebris
  • Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo

These are the movies currently in my collection to watch:

  • Pride and Prejudice (The BBC Miniseries)
  • Sense and Sensibility (The Emma Thompson version
  • a few BBC adaptations of Austen novels I taped from PBS's Austen marathon last winter.
    (I think Miss Austen Presents is one of them, which I've wanted to watch for a while now.)

These are the books currently on my wish list:

  • The Darcy Connection by Elizabeth Aston
  • Mr. Darcy's Dream by Elizabeth Aston

Who Made You a Princess?

I won the first three books in this series online awhile ago from Aussie reviewer Relz's blog (Thanks, Rel!).

Review of It's All About Us - Book 1

Review of The Fruit of My Lipstick - Book 2

Review of Be Strong and Curvaceous - Book 3

Review of Who Made You a Princess - Book 4

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

Who Made You a Princess

FaithWords (May 13, 2009)


Shelley Adina


Award-winning author Shelley Adina wrote her first teen novel when she was 13. It was rejected by the literary publisher to whom she sent it, but he did say she knew how to tell a story. That was enough to keep her going through the rest of her adolescence, a career, a move to another country, a B.A. in Literature, an M.A. in Writing Popular Fiction, and countless manuscript pages.

Shelley is a world traveler and pop culture junkie with an incurable addiction to designer handbags. She writes books about fun and faith--with a side of glamour. Between books, Shelley loves traveling, playing the piano and Celtic harp, watching movies, and making period costumes.

The All About Us book series has its own home over on the Hachette website. Stop by and see what the five fabulous girls at Spencer Acadenmy are up to! Series Website.

Her other books in this series includes book one, It's All About Us, book two, The Fruit of my Lipstick, and book three, Be Strong & Curvaceous. This present book is book four.


Shani Hanna returns to SpencerAcademy for her senior year after an amazing summer spent with her friends Lissa, Gillian, and Carly. But the best part about summer was meeting Danyel Johnstone. Danyel is cute, smart, cool, and super nice. All Shani has to do is get him to see her as more than just one of the gang.

But when the girls return to school, they find a new addition to the distinguished student body: Prince Rashid al Amir of Yasir, an oil-rich desert kingdom in the Middle East. Prince Rashid moved to California to prepare for an eventual MBA at Stanford...and to romance his future wife: Shani Hanna!

It turns out, Shani's family and the prince's go back for generations, entwined in tradition, obligation, and family honor. In each generation, members of the two families have expanded their business interests through arranged marriage. Will Shani put aside her feelings for Danyel to pursue her family's wishes? Or will God answer her prayers for an intervention?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Who Made You a Princess , go HERE

Friday, July 10, 2009

Felicities for today:
  • My laptop
  • My friends
  • Pasta
  • God's mercies...they are new every morning

Blog Tour for Sunset Beach

Welcome to a tour stop for Sunset Beach by Trish Perry.

Award-winning novelist Trish Perry has written Sunset Beach (2009), Beach Dreams (2008), Too Good to Be True (2007), and The Guy I’m Not Dating (2006), all for Harvest House Publishers. She writes a monthly column, “Real Life is Stranger,” for Christian Fiction Online Magazine. She was editor of Ink and the Spirit, the newsletter of Washington D.C.’s Capital Christian Writers organization (CCW), for seven years. Before her novels, Perry published numerous short stories, essays, devotionals, and poetry in Christian and general market media.

Perry holds a B.A. in Psychology, was a 1980s stockbroker, and held positions at the Securities and Exchange Commission and in several Washington law firms. She serves on the Board of Directors of CCW and is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers group and Romance Writers of America. Perry lives in Northern Virginia with her teenaged son.

Learn more about Trish at


Sonny Miller is tired of not knowing who she is. Soon she’ll begin graduate school to earn her masters in psychology. But how can she counsel future clients about their identities when she isn’t even sure about her own? To that end she has cooked up a little meeting at a certain beach house in San Diego.

Sonny’s mother, classical soprano Teresa Miller, isn’t aware she’s about to be reunited at the beach house with her sister, Melanie Hines, after 25 years of estrangement. And Sonny isn’t aware her mother has invited a surprise guest of her own. Russian adoptee, Irina Petrova, finds herself dragged along on a trip so tumultuous she summons her handsome concert violinist brother for moral support.

The four women converge on the funky little beach house in San Diego, each with her own disappointments and hopes about family, identity, and love. For Sonny, the trip reveals all she expected and more than she ever dreamed.

Pattie's Review:

This is the third Trish Perry book I've read, and I have to say I've enjoyed them all. Funny, quirky, likeable characters with realistic flaws populate her world. Spiritual encouragement abounds as well, without preachiness.

I can't say more for fear of giving something away! Let's just say, surprises abound! But it's all good, friends. It's all good.

I highly recommend this book for summertime reading.

Buy the book here.

Learn more about the author here.

You can also follow Trish Perry on Twitter:

And finally, to read other blog tour posts, click here.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Catching Up

Home from a nice visit to my family in the next state over, where I proceeded to get a migraine-ish awful headache that made me sick on the fourth of July. (Someone in our family always gets sick on the holidays...guess it was my turn again?)

So I am feeling the insomnia. As my family sleeps, I am doing laundry, dishes, and catching up on Facebook. And beginning to figure out where I want to go, literally and figuratively, the rest of the summer.

And as I start to get really tired, I'm amazed by the power of just a little bleach...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Not well

That is the response to the unasked question, "So, Pattie, how do you handle stress?"

Not well.

I just read a blog post by my friend Dana about changes she's endured in the past several months. It gave me an idea about some changes I would like to make but am not really sure how.

2009 has not shaped up to be what I thought it would be. My two very best friends have both gone through immense changes in their lives this year (one dealt with her husband's brain tumor, almost losing him, and then miraculous healing and ongoing recovery; the other nursed her husband through a stroke, only to have him file divorce papers. It became final a few days ago). What does that have to do with me? Everything. Because I haven't been nearby. I haven't been the friend bringing casseroles, or pizza, or taking the kids for a day, or just giving hugs.

We chose to have some remodeling done, and that's taken much longer than I thought it would (the results are going to be worth it, though, hopefully today...). Friends here are moving right, left, east, west, and south (none north...tough to move further north than we are, unless it's Alaska!) and every day seems like another goodbye.

So today I found myself falling apart after being asked the simple question, "What's wrong?"

Was it cathartic to "lose my cool"? Yeah, of course. Emotionally draining. I feel . . . human. I'm an imperfect human with unrealistic expectations placed upon me by . . . me.

And I just don't know how to stop.

I need to learn to make some good and healthy changes in how I react to things. Situations. Crises.

So I pray.

Psalm 66:19-20 tells me:

But God did listen!
He paid attention to my prayer.
Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer
or withdraw his unfailing love from me.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Exposure by Brandilyn Collins

Review at the end!

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing


Zondervan (June 1, 2009)


Brandilyn Collins


Brandilyn Collins is an award-winning and best-selling novelist known for her trademark Seatbelt Suspense®. These harrowing crime thrillers have earned her the tagline "Don't forget to b r e a t h e . . ."® Brandilyn's first book, A Question of Innocence, was a true crime published by Avon in 1995. Its promotion landed her on local and national TV and radio, including the Phil Donahue and Leeza talk shows. Brandilyn is also known for her distinctive book on fiction-writing techniques, Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn From Actors (John Wiley & Sons). She is now working on her 20th book.

In addition to Exposure, Brandilyn’s other latest release is Always Watching, first in The Rayne Tour series—young adult suspense co-written with her daughter, Amberly. The Rayne Tour series features Shaley O’Connor, daughter of a rock star, who just may have it all—until murder crashes her world.


When your worst fear comes true.

Someone is watching Kaycee Raye. But who will believe her? Everyone knows she’s a little crazy. Kaycee’s popular syndicated newspaper column pokes fun at her own paranoia and multiple fears. The police in her small town are well aware she makes money writing of her experiences. Worse yet, she has no proof of the threats. Pictures of a dead man mysteriously appear in her home—then vanish before police arrive. Multisensory images flood Kaycee’s mind. Where is all this coming from?

Maybe she is going over the edge.

High action and psychological suspense collide in this story of terror, twists, and desperate faith. The startling questions surrounding Kaycee pile high. Her descent to answers may prove more than she can survive.

To read the first chapter, go HERE.

“More twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster! Highly recommended.” ~CBA Retailers

“Mesmerizing mystery…authentic characters…a fast-paced, twisting tale of desperate choices.” ~TitleTrakk

“Brandilyn Collins is a master of suspense, and Exposure is her best book yet!” ~Dianne Burnett,

Pattie's Review:

This is my first Brandilyn Collins book, and I have to say, although I was not really an official member of the Big Honkin' Chickens Club, I was, sort of, an unofficial member. I enjoy mystery suspense more than thriller and danger suspense.

So this was not really a "fun" read for me. Because, I guess I'm a Big Honkin' Chicken.

However, I found so much to identify with, in the main character of Kaycee. Her fears, her self-doubt. The plot twists and turns were truly masterful: I have to say I never saw it coming. And that says a LOT, because as you know I pride myself on figuring things out before the novel's climax. Exposure surprised me in many ways, which is good.

My next few books on the immediate TBR stack look to be much less suspenseful, at least from a thriller/scary standpoint . . .

Review: The Dinner List

The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle My rating: 4 of 5 stars I heard about this novel last month. It sounded great, because who hasn't m...